With our help, you will gain valuable insight into what data will lead to more prudent and strategically relevant decision-making, helping you to build a long-term and lasting relationship with your clients.

Having the necessary tools for accurate segmentation of target audiences, effective planning and insightful analytics, will equip you with everything you need for successful campaigns in digital media.

Features / Packages Basic Medium Professional
Simple management of code lists
Transparent statistical reports
Campaign management by clicks, impressions, frequency, priority, date restrictions, filter management
Ad management according to the following filters:

  • Website tree structure
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems
  • Devices
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Days of the year
  • Resolution
  • IP address
  • Countries

Standard advertising formats of any size
The option of adding an external service code
Real-time statistics overview of all campaigns available in a single point (AdPanel™)
Real-time management of all active campaigns in a single point (AdPanel™)
Unlimited number of administrators
Management of an unlimited number of domains
Advertising material search engine
Support within the system
Support during standard working hours (weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
Support during extended working hours (weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.)
Section support (deeper tree structure)
Mobile ad formats

  • Standard mobile format with video support
  • Mobile full-screen
  • Mobile scroll format
  • Assistance with integrating ads on mobile portals
  • Generation of mobile app codes

Additional ad formats:

  • CTP video ad
  • Basic background
  • Standard expandable ad
  • iPROM Unistream videoad™
  • iPROM Videoroll

Advanced ad formats:

  • iPROM AdBreak™
  • Shared background / video background
  • iPROM PagePeel Ad™
  • iPROM banner (track)
  • Skin ad
  • iPROM Videoscroll™

Ad management by additional filters:

  • Channels
  • Keywords
  • Website URL

Visual impressions at all dimensions
Additional technical statistics
24/7 support
Monthly request limit up to 5,000,000 up to 10,000,000 up to 50,000,000
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Additional packages

Video package

Video ad formats

  • VAST ad (pre-, mid-, end-roll)

Video statistics

  • Data on video extensions, streaming, displays (start, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

Conversion and optimisation tools for video advertising material
Video server

Financial add-on

Programmatic add-on