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iPROM AdServer is a flexible, stable and intuitive campaign management solution. It was designed for advertisers, publishers and agencies who want full control over their data and ad inventory. It enables you to effectively manage programmatic and direct sales campaigns in order to achieve the highest possible revenue. Our easy-to-use system feels »native« to all ad traffickers, offering the most effective and in-depth approach to day-to-day publishing challenges.

Long-term monetisation - iPROM AdServer


iPROM AdServer is the digital media industry’s most efficient business and technology solution for effective management of campaigns in digital advertising.

For a digital media publisher, it offers everything that matters to you most – higher revenues and reliable long-term monetisation of advertising inventories and websites.

Centralised management - iPROM AdServer


More than a thousand successful digital campaigns to-date have confirmed the effectiveness of iPROM AdServer, proving it to be the most reliable system for centralised management of campaigns in digital media.

On all platforms, in all advertising formats and on multiple devices simultaneously, it optimises the publisher’s income for every single ad seen by the target audience. It is powered by smart algorithms, ensuring the highest possible profits for each and every ad displayed.

Integrated years of experience - iPROM AdServer


The quality of our services is achieved by continuous investment in innovation and development.
iPROM AdServer was developed on the basis of a long-term learning in close collaboration with our s business partners.

It combines both, the digital media industry know-how as well as the feedback from the agencies we collaborate with on a daily basis. The integrated experience drives our solution and ensures it is in line with the highest expectations of the market. That is why the iPROM AdServer provides the results our clients always rely on