Opening doors to new business

iPROM AdServer is one of the world’s top solutions for managing digital ad inventory. It meets and exceeds your advertising needs without ever compromising the user experience. Its powerful features create new revenue possibilities every step of the way, enabling you to save time and raise your publisher profile.



  • 24/7 support service
  • Easy management of ad inventory
  • “All-in-one” solution for centralised campaign management
  • Outstanding results and the highest revenues possible
  • Intuitive insight with reports, forecasts and analyses
  • Low-cost installation and maintenance
  • Media consulting for clients based on 17 years of experience
  • Full technical service support to transfer your digital campaigns and launching the new system
  • Immediate, easy start without any additional modifications of your systems
  • Compatibility with global digital media platforms and smart devices in the Internet of Things
  • A friendly and intuitive graphic interface
  • 100% control of data and advertising inventory

iPROM AdPanel™ - the outstanding advantage

iPROM AdPanel™ is an advanced system for centralised administration, statistical reporting and monitoring of all advertising campaigns and digital media ads from a single point in real-time.

It has been developed in close collaboration with our clients to offer a full control and management of digital advertising inventory from a single point. The dashboard provides a simple and intuitive operation, real-time optimisation and a statistical overview of all campaigns, showing both active and inactive digital campaigns on a single screen.



  • One point campaigns overview
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Sell-out ratio tracking
  • Technical ad serving optimization
  • Detailed insights in ads performance
  • iOS & Android support

Technical benefits


  • Flexible system supports native websites categorization
  • No website adjustments needed
  • Responsive design support
  • VAST, VPAID & HTML5 support
  • Different deployment methods are available